Zhang Huan: Altered States is the first museum survey of Zhang Huan, encompassing major works produced over the past 15 years in Beijing, New York and Shanghai. Zhang Huan is best known for his early body-based performances, both controversial and poetic, most of which involve physical endurance. He moved to New York IN 1998 and established himself as one of the most important and widely recognized expatriate Chinese artists. More recently, Zhang returned to China and founded a studio in Shanghai, where he has expanded his medium.

The exhibition includes more than fifty works of photography, sculpture and painting tracing the evolution of Zhang Huan’s artistic practice to examine his personal, cultural and artistic negotiations in response to his immediate environment. It presents the experience of a singular artistic voice across diverse cultural domains—a voice that speaks from a unique vantage point in the contemporary art world.


Above: Family Tree, 2000, colour photograph of performance, Amherst, New York. Collection of Larry Walsh. Copyright and courtesy of Haunch of Venison, London.