Drawing is enjoying a renaissance in contemporary Australian art. This exhibition examines new approaches to drawing and the reinvigoration of drawing practice by many (mostly young) artists from across the nation who have spear-headed its resurgent popularity.

The exhibition adopts the traditional definition of drawing as ‘mark-making’, but its focus extends to performative works that feature the production of marks as well as art objects. As a result it includes both drawings and works about drawing.

The range of works comprises collaborative and performative drawings, animation, as well as works that feature the cross-over between drawing and the graphic arts.

Above: Mark Wallinger, Time and Relative Dimensions in Space or TARDIS (2001), stainless steel, MDF, electric light. Courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery. Pic © the artist. Below: Renato Giuseppe Bertelli, (1890-1974) Profilo Continuo (Testa di Mussolini) [Continuous Profile (Head Of Mussolini)], 1933. Courtesy Imperial War Museum © The Estate of Renato Giuseppe Bertelli. Francis Oakes, Single glass Klein bottle, 1967. Courtesy The Science Museum / Science and Society Picture Library © Science Museum / Science and Society Picture Library. Philippe Petit, (b.1949) The French High Wire Artist Walks across a Tightrope Suspended Between the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, New York, 1974. DVD, sound, colour, 3 mins 34 secs © NBC News Archives.