Recipe for Lilam Jewellery

Difficulty rating: ******

Up to 1 month.

A trip to Hong Kong to source materials.



Take a length of round pearls of exquisite shades
and small, irregular river ones.

Add a few handfuls of dazzling precious gems
and some unusual silver beads.

Include a couple of strands of coloured leather
and some sparkling crystals.

Use a clasp made from a Chinese button
and one or two feature stones.

Finally stir in two pounds of inventiveness
and a spoonful of uniqueness.

Do not forget a few drops of whimsy
and a sprinkling of genius.



Stir all ingredients in and taste,
Leave to rise for a few days
And go back from time to time
to check all parts are duly balanced.



Wear asymmetrically
with a monochromatic dress,
or a pair of funky jeans.
with a plain, but flawless t-shirt.
Use understated clothes
as no other accessory is required.


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