Taking a line for a walk is an ongoing survey of contemporary drawing practice. A journey of discovery of the possibilities held by following a line in its walk at the peripheries of what is considered acceptable as drawing. It breaks away from preconceptions, away from the two dimensionality of the rectangular sheet of paper and transmigrates onto three dimensional objects: furniture, computers, travel guides, light bulbs, fabrics, plants and even the gallery walls themselves.

Works are selected for their use of quotidian objects, fragile materials and precarious sources. Recycled throw aways are covered in coveted and 'valuable' doodles. Traces and residues left on the gallery walls become the focus of attention. Drawings that may be easily missed by an inattentive viewer underline the importance of being observant of our surroundings. Light itself and movement traced in the air become palpable materials. Drawing as a moving image to record fleeting moments, no longer frozen on a sheet of paper but a recreation that has become alive. A line mutated by the digital in endless possibilities of variations. A 'slow art' which claims back from the public some of the time taken for its conception.

Taking a line for a walk will be on show during the day of The Big Draw on the 15th of October 2005. Taking the opportunity of this nationwide event, it will bring to the fore artists expressions which question the nature of drawing itself, tests our perceptions of what is 'the drawn', so that the world and the everyday may be perceived and experienced with 'new' eyes and a fresher vision.

Exhibiting artists: David Adkins, Susan Collis, Claude Heath, Jools Johnson, Marzia Migliora, Justin Mortimer, Andy Parker, Gaia Persico, Michael Robbs, Kate Scrivener, Finlay Taylor, Vedovamazzei and Jo Zerf.